I'm Tanya, owner and designer at Woof & Wilson (formerly The CosyCorner House), a small online homeware and lifestyle store inspired by my love of nature.

I actually began my working life in childcare many years ago, but just over a decade later I had to make the tough decision to leave that behind for health reasons. I was born with a complex congenital heart defect and the increased symptoms, physical limitations and need for lots of medical treatment meant that I needed to rethink my career path. You can read more about my heart condition in "Me & My Heart" over on my blog. I decided that working for myself from home would give me the flexibility to work around my health needs, and having always been creative I wanted to be able to explore my talents further.

I worked briefly with a good friend of mine making handmade invitations, cards and party bags. I loved designing our products, so when we parted company as a work partnership (we are still great friends) I knew I was ready to take those creative ideas in a different direction.
Armed with my passion for nature, my love of cosy interiors, my slight addiction to tea, and zero business experiance, I began setting up my own business as The Lilac Teacup in 2011, handmaking personalised canvas pictures, mainly for children. This later transformed in to The Cosy Corner House when I began sourcing beautiful homeware to add to the business.

In 2017 I stopped making the personalised canveses and began working on a range of freehand machine embroidered pictures. I realised what I really wanted was to be working on creating a range of my own which I had designed. My business when through it's final rebrand last year in 2018 becoming Woof & Wilson, a far more personal business name, and one that I adore! Our Labrador Hooper is of course the 'Woof'  in Woof & Wilson, a constant source of amusement (and trouble) and warm furry cuddles, my wonderful boy. 'Wilson' comes from my other half's surname (now my fiancĂ©!). He's not only my soulmate and best friend (along with Hooper) but he also recues me from IT disasters and my fear of spreadsheets....and spiders! They are most definately both part of my little business and I couldn't do this without them.

My own designs are very much inspired by my love of nature and wildlife. I have always loved nature and all the creatures we share this beautiful planet with.
I had realised that my little doodles and watercolour paintings I created to help me design my embroidered art was being wasted. I began to concentrate on my paintings to create a range of stationery and homeware, which is why Woof & Wilson was born! We also sell a beautiful and carefully curated selection of home accessories. I take great care in sourcing quality products which fit in alongside my own designs, and increasingly sourced for ethical companies.

As a small business I very much believe in providing a friendly and helpful service, I'm always happy to help customers with any questions or requests if possible. I can be contacted via the contact page here.  

Many thanks for visiting,   Tanya x